Domestic & Commercial Uses

Ways Transportable Buildings Are Used For Domestic and Commercial Use

With the costs of building a new home and materials rising, a lack of available land, and people living longer, it’s obvious that people and businesses are buying portable buildings to save and make money.

Below are some of the advantages to buying a granny flat or onsite office:

  1. If you need more room, buying a granny flat is a fraction of the cost of moving, renovating or building a new home.
  2. With a portable building on your residential property you’ll be adding an asset which is attractive, user friendly and will add value to the family home. It’s also a great way to break into the investment property market without a huge extra mortgage.
  3. You can rent out your granny flat or portable building on your terms, which helps pay the mortgage and cover other expenses.
  4. If you’re in business, owning a portable site building gives you the luxury of moving it wherever and whenever you like without the cost of leasing or renting one.
  5. You can also use a portable building as a media room, parents’ retreat, and hobby or guest room, while increasing the value of your family home.
  6. Subject to where the portable is located, there are no body corporate fees and the initial purchase price could deliver return on investment in as little as five years.
  7. You get the flexibility of more room, being able to move the portable building whenever you want and you’ll save thousands of dollars compared to borrowing money from the bank for a traditional home. 

Here is an example to illustrate the type of return on investment you could get from owning a portable home or granny flat

Note: The ROI is a percentage figure and is simply the return over a 12-month period when it is compared to the purchase price or the original amount you invested.

You invest $10,000 on a granny flat or portable home and after one year your portable generates $1,000 in net profit.

This means your potential Return On Investment (ROI) would be 10% PA (per year) based on the formula below.

Purchase Price = $10,000
Net Profit = $1,000 for year
Total benefit cost = $11,000 – $10,000 initial investment = 0.01% or 10% return on investment.

In addition, below is a case study and example of the potential return from owing a portable building or granny flat.

Here’s an example of potential rentals return from one of our granny flats

Investment Outlay* – Own Funds $15,000 $20,000 $25,000
Weekly Rental Return $150 $180 $210
Annual Rent Return PA (Total Benefit) $7,800 $9,360 $10,920
ROI (Return on Investment) 52% 46% 43%

Please note * The numbers above are example figures only, shown for educational and informational purposes. The table above includes building, transport & installation of your granny flat. Exact returns may fluctuate and are subject to variables such as where your property is located, your individual circumstances and access to the property, and our numbers are based on the assumption that you are paying for the full purchase price using your own funds.

As you can see, when you compare this to the return on an investment delivered by a $300,000 home, rented for $400 per week, or $20,800 PA, which is just 6.9% return, the 43% return on investment on a granny flat makes good financial sense.