Uses of an Aussie Bush Cabin

How an Aussie Bush Cabin can be used

Over the years the demand for quality transportable buildings such as granny flats, holiday cabins and other portable buildings has grown for several reasons throughout Australia. Traditionally portable buildings, or granny flats, as some people call them, were only for wealthy homeowners and were more of a luxury than a necessity. Today, many industries and services in fields such as hospitality, medical, events, construction, mining and government are embracing and using portable shower and toilet blocks and portable buildings to their advantage.

With advances in design and manufacturing, the humble portable building is being bought up and used by commercial and residential sectors for purposes such as:

  • Mining accommodation – Many mining companies use Aussie Bush Cabins structures for onsite accommodation to house their employees.
  • Homeowners with elderly parents – they are buying granny flats, installing them on their residential property and using them to have their elderly parents move into them.
  • Newlyweds and first home buyers – they buy a granny flat to offset the cost of buying their first home and rent the portable building out to help with the costs.
  • Holiday Parks and Caravan Parks – Over the years we’ve seen a steady increase in the number of holiday parks and caravan parks buying our portable buildings to improve their occupancy rates and provide their customers with a higher level of accommodation.
  • Storage facilities – We have a steady number of storage facilities buying our transportable buildings so they have more storage space for the short term, which they love, as they can move the building from one storage facility to another without the cost of buying a new one every single time.
  • Home Based Businesses – Many people who work from home are now opting to buy a portable office and operate their home business out of it. This allows them to keep customers out of their house, gives them a professional office space and presence, and keeps their work separate from their home life and domestic duties. In some case it can also be a tax deduction.
    So far we’ve helped home based business coaches, architects, masseuse services, digital marketing services and other businesses use one of our portable buildings or granny flats to operate their home based business from.
  • Home-owners who do not want to move or need more space – For many homeowners the decision to buy a granny flat instead of selling up and moving to get a bigger house makes sense. Many people buy a granny flat and move their older child into it so they can have more space in the main house. In most cases it is cheaper to buy a portable office and install it in your own yard than it is to sell with all the added expense of moving and refinancing.
  • Mature aged people thinking of downsizing – With people living longer and the children moving out of the family home, many mature aged parents don’t need or want to maintain and live in the original family home. This is why many mature aged couples are buying an Aussie Bush Cabins relocatable home and either putting it in a relocatable home park, on a block of land they may own or putting one on their adult children’s residential property.
  • Wineries and Bed & Breakfasts – “We decided to put a few 12m x 3m granny flat cabins on our winery grounds. This has led to an improved occupancy rate and increased our profits because people are staying longer and spending more money while experiencing a truly relaxing wine tasting getaway.”
  • Events and Carnivals – Ever wondered where the first aid offices, portable toilet blocks or briefing rooms for events come from? Chances are it’s an Aussie Bush Cabins transportable structure, as we are a supplier of portable buildings and onsite offices for musical events and shows and the mobile catering industry.
  • Developers & Construction – There’s a reason developers love using an Aussie Bush Cabins onsite portable office. They buy them once, they use them for first aid rooms, project management and briefing rooms and cafeterias, and when the project is finished, they just pick it up and move it to the next project.
  • Agriculture, Horse Studs and Acreage Owners – People with agriculture businesses, horse studs and people who own farms and acreage use our portable buildings for a multitude of reasons. Some use them for storage. Others use them as a rest stop on their large property. And of course, some use them as an office or accommodation for their employees.
  • Portable homes make a great holiday home – Many of our customers buy a portable home and use it as a holiday home for them and their family members, and even rent it out on popular holiday and vacation websites for days and weeks on end.