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Granny flats offer homeowners a flexible and practical solution for accommodating additional housing needs or generating rental income. By understanding the various options and navigating regulatory requirements, you can embark on your granny flat project with confidence.

There have been some granny flat regulation changes so we recommend you choose a granny flat soon to beat the rush.

Whether you choose to build a detached unit, convert an existing space, or explore alternative housing options, careful planning and compliance with local regulations are essential for a successful outcome.

In a groundbreaking decision to address Western Australia’s housing crisis, the state government has recently announced a significant change in regulations regarding granny flats. Building a granny flat will no longer require council planning approval and can be constructed on any sized lot.

This is a significant decision that is expected to streamline the building process, promote affordable housing options, and contribute to the alleviation of the housing shortage in the region.

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Read more about the changes to granny flat rules on the WA government website.